Friday, 7 September 2012

Pig out...

Eating in... unhealthily!

Pizza and Garlic Bread

Gluten free pizzas currently only seem to come in margarita or pepperoni (not complaining, we're lucky to have them at all!) however, my favorite was also ham and pineapple, so why not make one yourself (well decorate one yourself that is!)

Buy a gluten free pizza base and top with your favourite ingredients, couldnt be easier! Oh and add some DS gluten free share and tear (or in my case, don't share!) garlic bread while you're at it....

 DS Lasagne

 A handy microwave meal to keep in the freezer! Tastes just like any other microwave lasagne!

Not forgetting brekky...

(Black Farmer's Daughter Chipolata sausages of course)

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