Thursday, 31 May 2012

My latest new tries...

Genius naan

This gets a massive thumbs up from me - how I've missed dipping a naan into a good curry - curries arent the same without a naan!  Not cheap (what gluten free stuff is!?) but well worth it to go with the odd curry night in.


Mrs Crimble's cake mix

A home bake mix to make some yummy muffins (or sponge) - we made choc chip but you can pretty much put what you like in!
And cheaper than buying muffins separately - 2 can cost £1.99, so this is a bit of a bargain at £2.29.

Mrs Crimble's Giant Choc Macaroons

Another new try by Mrs Crimble, she's now doing giant macaroons in single packets, very tasty!

Check out Mrs Crimble's website too for recipes and her other gluten free products.

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