Monday, 4 June 2012

Zizzi's Gluten Free Pizza - My Review!

Well done Zizzi you have done me proud again!!

Check this out...

This was my scrumptious gluten free... yes GLUTEN FREE Pollo al Rosmarino pizza at Zizzi.

After hearing they were trialing gf pizza bases there was no way I was missing out on this one!

So I trekked to the Notting Hill branch to try it out, and it was well worth the trek!!

If you're going to be extremely picky and fussy then yes it was thin, yes it was maybe a tiiiiiny bit soft but come on it's gluten free pizza.... in a chain restaurant (and the outside was nice and crunchy and the toppings were lush).... Exciting stuff I think and I LOVED IT!!

I gave it 10/10, it was a massive treat for me and I think you should all give it a try.

They give you a form to fill out after finishing it to ask for your opinions on it, I just hope I did enough to get it rolled out into all branches.

Enjoying my meal as much as I was I decided to finish up with a chocolate melt (rich, chocolately and gooey) with gelato.

A brilliant feast, thank you Zizzi!

And if you've never tried Zizzi before and would like to know what there is for you to eat before heading there, check out their website where they have a Special Diets Filter*.filter-gluten-free

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