Monday, 18 June 2012

Gluten Free: Spain

Having just got back from a week in Javea in Spain I thought I'd share my gluten free findings with you all.

Already aware of the numerous gluten free options available in Madrid (including the best ever gluten free pizzas and gorgeous bread at Da Niccola), I thought I'd check out what the supermarkets were offering us in the South East of Spain.

I came back with some yummy bread and cake. The bread comes in tiny squares and is much sweeter than the bread available to us here - it is more like brioche. This makes it much less dry and easier to eat, and is also much nicer to eat without toasting that all the bread available in our supermarkets. Yummy dipped in oil (as I was given in a restaurant) or toasted (the butter soaks in to the bread mmm).

The cake is plum and chocolate cake, also very moist and easy to eat.

Also, literally everything has it marked on the packet if it's gluten free (fruit, yoghurts you name it!) 'Sin Gluten' - if it doesnt say it on the front then it's not gluten free. Simple!

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  1. No way!! You gotta tell me more! :) check your email from work, I wrote you some weeks ago!