Tuesday, 17 July 2012

My new favourite bread... Yes! You Can

This is by far my favourite gluten free loaf - Yes! You Can by Roberts Bakery.

 Roberts Bakery say...
  Yes You CanYes You Can


Why compromise?

Just because you’re eating gluten free bakery products we don’t think you should have to forgo the delicious taste and texture of fresh, well baked bread.
That’s why we have developed the Yes! You Can range – gluten, wheat and dairy free, but tasting just the way bread should!

Our gluten free story

Yes! You Can is a brand built around an ethos of ‘no compromise’ – we will always aim to deliver products that taste great while at the same time being gluten free. Although the Yes! You Can brand is new, gluten free baking is not new to us.
We have a dedicated, state of the art, gluten free bakery in Hawarden, near Chester,  and here they’ve been baking gluten free products for over 12 years – originally inspired by a member of the owners’ family being diagnosed with Coeliac disease.
Our Yes! You Can loaves were in product development for 2 years – until we got the recipe just right!
We’re always working on new product ideas, and with 125 years of baking expertise from Roberts Bakery we’re pretty confident that we know what great tastes like. Watch this space for more developments from Yes! You Can.

(Taken from:  http://www.robertsbakery.co.uk/yesyoucan/our-gluten-free-story/)

I say...

The only gluten free loaf I have come across so far with normal sized slices (almost!) which is a joy in itself, but in addition the top didnt fall off and the slice remained in tact even when I made eggy bread, finally!!

Also the most normal tasting and least dry of all gluten free loaves, so well done Roberts Bakery!! 

AND, less calories, fat and sugars per slice than Genius!!

Try it for yourselves - both white and brown 600g loaves are available online from Tesco for £2.95 each.

Size comparison - gluten free on left and normal on right!
Let's hope Roberts Bakery expand their gluten free range very soon :)

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