Thursday, 26 January 2012

My top 5 comfort dinners with gluten free replacements...

1. The Black Farmer's Premium Pork Sausages
Truly the best sausages I have ever tasted - I wouldn't go back to gluten-full sausages any day after trying these, even if I could - and neither would my gluten eating family!! Packed full of pure high quality meat and no nasties!!
Means I can still eat my favourite dinner of sausages mash and beans - the perfect comfort food!

2. Young's Gluten Free Fish Fingers
A perfect swap for those gluten covered fish fingers - just as tasty!

3. DS Gluten Free Pizza
No more Dominos or Pizza Hut? Don't worry 'cause DS do a great oven pizza (can't wait to try the garlic bread!)

4. DS Gluten Free Sausage Rolls
 Great for dinner - or chop in half for a party food substitute!

5. Spag Bol with gluten free spaghetti

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