Monday, 23 January 2012

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog - The Gluten Free Queen.

With this blog, my aim is to provide a simple place for my fellow gluten-free peeps to find out about gluten free goodies/ restaurants etc without having to painfully trawl through supermarkets and menus, and without having to explain over and over again what it is you can't eat...etc in order to enjoy a simple meal outside your home.

As I am slowly learning - a gluten free life need not be stripped of yummy treats or easy eating out experiences (including pizza, chinese and pasta! Mmm!). All you need is a little help here and there to make it that little bit easier - and hopefully that is where I am able to help!


For now I shall leave you with a few pics of my yummy gluten free cupcakes (see - you needn't give up your favourite treats! - In fact, I actually prefer my gluten free cupcakes to 'normal' ones - much lighter and just plain delicious!!)

The Gluten Free Queen x x

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