Monday, 23 January 2012

My top 5 favourite gluten free goodies...

1. Warburton's Bread and Rolls 
These are by far the best on the gluten free market - they almost taste 'normal'! Perfectly freezable too so no need to waste those pennies!
I've found Warburton's gf products quite hard to come by - I'm usually faced with lots of empty shelves - which is a good sign I guess - but Asda seems to hold the most hope.

2. Helen's Gluten Free Sandwich Mix
An amazing find. A very simple bread mix (just add water and oil) and tastes fabulous!! Can even be eaten without toasting it first, incredible!! A must try. She also does brown bread mix and scone mix too which I am yet to try.

 3. Warburton's *New* Muffins 
My most favourite gluten free goody - these are lush!!! They come in Cranberry & Blueberry and Lemon & Poppyseed - I am yet to find the Lemon & Poppyseed to try but can definately vouch for the former! As with most gluten free products they are not cheap but are totally worth it! (I even had to double check they were gluten free!)

4. Asda All Butter Sicilian Lemon Shortbread  
 I have to say Asda do the best supermarket own free from goodies and at affordable prices too! These are moist, crumbly full of taste biscuits - scrumptious!!

5. The Groovy Foods Co Cereals
Frosted Flakes, Corn Flakes, Special Flakes and Choco Chrispies - all tested and all fabulous!! You would't know the difference!

6. Love More Tortilla Wraps
 There are very few gluten free tortilla wraps available out there so I was very happy to come across these by Lovemore Free From Foods in Asda at the weekend - and I am very excited about the thought of eating Fajitas again!!

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